Tuesday, June 5, 2012


From time to time, many people like to enjoy a nice "stiff drink." Some even enjoy a glass of wine or maybe a nice, refreshing cocktail: and of course your occasional fresh brew. But imagine what your body would be like without alcohol for four weeks (one month). Imagine the rejuvenation and power that could return to you. Imagine how clear and healthy your eyes, hair, skin and nails will look! Imagine the energy that you will attain! Can you see it now?

Alcoholic beverages are enjoyable; however sometimes we become a bit imbalanced by consuming too much of it. Some of us work in businesses and industries that require us to have an occasional cocktail. Alcoholic drinks in this way play a big part in relaxing and kicking back a bit while closing a deal and getting closer to colleagues. Some of us just like to have a drink at home with the meal. In many cultures, it is understood that a glass of wine with dinner is the perfect compliment for any meal. And of course, there are the big mugs and kegs of beer that tend to come out during big holidays, sporting events and gatherings of the sort. But as easy as it is to engage, it should also be easy to disengage. Your health is key!

Long story short, your body needs rest sometimes. Your kidneys, your liver and pancreas work extra hard to purify the body from alcoholic beverages; this holds especially true when the drinking is done more than twice a week. So every now and again, it is essential to refresh your body and your vital organs. When the body consumes lots of alcohol, it becomes less entertaining to even enjoy the beverage itself. And its not a good sign when you drink an alcoholic beverage and the taste doesn't rivet or move you anymore. If you are not moved by your drinks, it may be time to purify and detox your entire system. Your body may be too used to it: too much alcohol in the blood streams. And maybe the one month alcohol detox is a good place to start.

So consider it! Be confident and strong when you tell your colleagues that you are fasting and purifying your body for a month: and the same goes for friends and family. Let them know how much you respect and love yourself. Let them know how important health is to you. Maybe consider recruiting a friend or loved one to join you on this four week journey. And Men, if you're lady is pregnant, maybe use that as a perfect reason to purify your body. It's not just her, but you too are preparing for the baby. Do it as an example for your kids. Or the best reason yet: do it because you are strong and capable of any feat!

Challenge yourself this month! Conquer and master your body!

And after all, a purified body leads to a healthy mind.

...make it a CLEAN FOOD month...

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