Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The correct nourishment is essential to maintain strong and healthy bowels. The digestive system is extremely sensitive. Even for the healthiest of eaters, it can be somewhat challenging to maintain: as this system can be disrupted with any sort of stress. So it is very important to maintain a good healthy balance of foods in your diet that will help in maintain the vitality and purity of your digestive system. And here are some foods and beverages that will help you along the way. These foods will help you system stay strong, even while potentially experiencing various levels of stress. Everything in balance!

And here it goes:

~Quinoa (pronounced Kin-Wah)
~Black Coffee (no additives)
~Warm Water
~Collard Greens
~Turkish Figs
~Goji Berries
~Dark Chocolate
~Hummus (yum)
~Sea Weed Salads
~Sprouted Almonds
~Green Apples

Incorporate a few of these into your diet a little at a time. And in order to make the habit stick, you have to establish a routine: kind of like learning to brush your teeth all over again. But when you do learn it, maintaining the routine will be no problem at all!

want to make your own fruit snacks?

A healthy appetite means a healthy digestive system! Easily your level of digestive issues will reduce tenfold! Start today! For more info on the eating like this on a regular basis, check this out: the Clean Foodie Diet

...are you eating CLEAN FOOD...
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