Friday, March 23, 2012


It is becoming more and more evident in our world that teenagers are suffering from issues and dis-eases of the body dealing with weight management and obesity. Within the last 20 years, teenagers have begun to develop an imbalance of sorts that has caused them to deal with this overbearing and rapidly growing issue. It seems that teenagers could be possibly using the food as a means to connect to themselves as a means to express themselves here in this existence. In the fast growing society that we live in, it becomes harder and harder to connect to our own true nature deep within because of the tremendous amounts of distractions across the board. And as humans, it is natural for us to find that outlet that allows us to let go and be ourselves. It is unfortunate for the teenager, however, that this outlet of expression and freedom happens to take shape with the overwhelming consumption of foods.

Parents tend to place blame on schools, media advertising and lack of adequate knowledge on nutrition and wellness as to why their child is suffering from weight management issues. As a result, society turns around and blames the parents for not paying attention to the children in a more intimate and emotional way that is healthy for the child's growth. And so the argument continues to go back and forth with lots of aimless talk, and no solution: hence the reason for our broken window that never gets fixed. So project: CLEAN FOOD is here to share a great tip as to how parents can begin to work with their children (as well as themselves) to help deal with the issue of weight management and obesity within the family.

One of the best ways to get the child to become a bit more interested in more healthy and nutritious foods is by creating a Parent-Child CLEAN FOOD diet! When the parent is prescribing foods for the child to eat--but without engaging in the same eating habit--the child catches on very quickly. The child is aware that the parent is doing something different in their own eating habits. So naturally, the child wants to be like the parent and eat what the parent eats. This is one of the main reasons why many parents have a hard time getting their children to eat their vegetables. On the other hand, if the parent eats exactly what the child is eating, it gives the child a reason to not only connect to the parent, but also allows for the child to see--on their own--why those nutritious foods make them feel good: and the same goes for the parent.

For example, if the child continually sees the parent eating lots of fruits and vegetables as a bulk of the diet inside and outside of the household, the child will start to copy those behaviors in the presence of the parent and, also, when not with the parent. Children are constantly trying to find themselves and understand their own true nature. And one of the ways they do this is by first forming that attachment and connection to the parents as a means to learn. It is the parent's responsibility to instill the correct eating habits within the child (that are of course healthy and nutritious) as soon as the parent is aware of that knowledge.

As a parent, it is not expected to know all the answers at every step of the way (or questions for that matter). However, when the child is suffering in their minds and in their bodies, the motherly and fatherly instinct of care must kick in: and without question or doubt. Let the child see you eating lot of fruits and vegetables. Let the child see you genuinely feeling good and having lots of energy to be expressive, creative and happy on many levels. Once the child puts things together in their own minds, weight management issues easily start to retard, and will eventually dissipate naturally. Keep in mind, this may also take the parent through a vast transformation of mind and body as well. However, the health, the sanity and peace of the family is always worth it.

Start a diet that you can share with your children today. Let those weight management issues become a thing of the past as we easily move forward gracefully into a healthy and pure 2012.

Easy. Pure. Simple. Clean.

...make it a CLEAN FOOD day...

For ideas, check out our CLEAN FOOD diet plan: the project: CLEAN FOOD diet
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