Friday, March 30, 2012

project: CLEAN FOOD's PrOjecT foR tHe WeeKeNd || GIVE THE GIFT OF FRUIT

One of the most simple and loving gifts that someone could give to another being is that sweet and wonderful gift of fruit! In many ancient traditions and cultures of the sort, you would bring fruits from your land or from your farm to your family or friend's home when visiting. People would also give fruits to friends within their communities and sub-cultures of the sort as a symbol of love, togetherness, peace and abundance. And this tradition must be preserved so that it may continue to thrive in all cultures everywhere in the world.

So this weekend, let us head over the farmer's market or to the local health food store (or maybe right into your own backyard), and pick some nice, fresh fruits to share with the loved ones! The gift of nourishment is one that can be relished in that moment and for many more moments to come. People will always remember the sweetness of this amazing gift! It doesn't have to be a big bag of assorted fruits. It can be as simple as one little strawberry or as beautiful as a delicious and juicy mango!

The receiver will gladly appreciate the fruits that you are offering. And the simple fact that they are enjoying this amazing gift from you, so too you shall enjoy the act of giving. Share the fruits of your land. Share the fruits from your abundance. Share the fruits for the sake of sharing itself. As the giver and receiver of fruits and blessings, you are always abundant. And your pot is always filled.

...make it a CLEAN FOOD weekend...
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