Monday, October 17, 2011


The most nutrient rich foods are those of which that come directly from the beautiful and powerful soil of the Earth. Plant-based foods such as fruits, vegetables and herbs have all of the essential health benefits that our bodies require not only for survival, but also for life longevity.

For example, one raspberry contains calcium, manganese, B-vitamins, fiber, iron, magnesium, copper, various digestive enzymes, vitamin C, omega 3's, potassium, zinc, vitamin E, protein and a slew of other nutrients and antioxidants: effectively balanced in just one raspberry. Imagine for a minute: just some raspberries--in addition to some other fruits and vegetables to balance out the entire diet--is all the body required in order to live a healthy life and attain raidant health.

Since the ancient times, people have long known about the power of eating a diet based primarily in fruits and vegeatables. People have used such a diet to not only heal their entire body from various ailments, but also to keep the mind and body strong and vigorous throughout one's life.

If the diet consumed is heavy in meat and animal products, it is known that such a diet will significantly slow down the digestive system: thereby causing it to run poorly over the course of one's life, and in turn affecting all other systems of the body. Also, diets that are high in animal meats and products can lead to the following mental and physical diseases and ailments: arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart failure, various cancers, kidney and liver stones, colitis, ulcers, poor eyesight, mood swings, bouts of heavy depression, worms, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), asthma, calcium deposits, poor brain function, ADHD, Alzheimer's, neurological disorders, poor vitamin and mineral absorption, and the list just goes on.

A diet based primarily in fruits and vegetables has been known to reverse many of the above disorders, diseases and ailments. The human body is such a sensitive piece of equipment. If you take care of it by putting the right foods inside of it, it will take care of you and reward you with radiant health. If you eat too much of the foods that are cooked, fried and dead, that is how you will eventually start to feel: cooked, fried and dead. While there is nothing wrong with eating cooked food, most of the foods consumed should ideally be raw. Your cooked food intake should be a bit lower than your raw food intake. However, some fruits and vegetables must be cooked or steamed in order for them to be edible (i.e. okra, eggplant).

Don't worry about the "where do you get your protein" statement. It is highly unlikely that a person could become protein deficient. If the body did become protein defecient, it is likely that you would end up in the hospital: as protein is responsible for a slew of things ranging from digestion to many brain functions. Also, there is more protein in a couple table spoons of quinoa (a grain that is prepared like brown rice), than there is in an 8oz steak. You can also get tons of protein (in addition to other nutrients) from almonds as well as from leafy green vegetables. These are all things to think about and strongly consider as you make your diet changes...

Lastly, when we eat animal meats, we absorb the vibrations from those animals. So any sort of bodily stress that the animal may have experienced during his life up to the point of death is secreted directly into his flesh, bones and blood; this is one of the reasons that it is now often heard of animals developing cancers and other diseases in the body. And humans turn around and consume these same products. And lately in the news, there have been so many food recalls regarding all animal products. Animal meats are easily prone to viruses and outbreaks such as salmonella and listeria. While this is also happening with fruits and vegetables in portion, it is not often the case: this is why it is important to buy produce that is local and organic, and from a place you know and trust.

We all have been taught that meat is an essential food in the diet. There is a lot of media that has been backing this philosophy for many years. But we here at project: CLEAN FOOD are ready to create a new philosphy for the coming age of growth and brilliance in this world:


Together, let us cherish this beautiful Earth with love and happiness: and more compassion. Let us treat our physical bodies with love and happiness: and more compassion. Let us no longer absorb the vibrations from foods that lack life. We wouldn't eat dead and rotten fruits and vegetables. Therefore, let us not eat dead and rotten animals. This great Mother Earth has provided.

Let us allow the animals of the sea to continue with their work of keeping the ocean clean and healthy. Let us allow the animals of the land to continue with their work of keeping the Earth in a healthy balance with humans.

Eat food that comes out of the soil. Eat food that is prepared by the honey-lashes of the sun. Eat foods that are nourished by the elements.

Eat food that is filled with life: and of course fresh and CLEAN.

...are you eating CLEAN FOOD...
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