Tuesday, October 4, 2011


At some point, we all consider changing our diet and eating a bit "healthier".
Well we here at project: CLEAN FOOD have decided to create a meal plan in which you eat just one meal a day for 7 days.

When you consume one meal a day, your body is given adequate time to not only digest and process food properly, but also the body gets the ability to rest: our bodies rarely get good rest.

Because our eating habits are so poor, the body can suffer with a variety of aiments such as constipation, lack of energy, poor heart and brain function, poor liver function and the list goes on and on.

So consider this: eat this very meal outlined here for the next seven days: yes the same exact thing everyday! What this will do is start to cultivate discipline: for your mind and your body. You're strong enough! You're powerful enough! And you're full of amazing and beautiful qualities. It is about that time you discipline yourself so that you can get to know a bit more about these wonderful qualities in you!

So here we go:

--A tablespoon of Raw Honey in the morning: preferably local honey (on an empty stomach before your meal).

--Drink a glass of room temperature water.

**No food until after 12pm**

--Fruit Salad (your choice)
*If you need help with options check out our list of TOP 17 FRUITS

--Oatmeal with 100% Pure Grade A Maple Syrup or Raw Honey (add whatever you like)

--Some Dates or Figs or Walnuts or Almonds (or a mix of these)

--One whole avocado

--One Glass of room temperature water

*Eat this meal between 12pm and 4pm: nothing before and nothing after.

**If you get hungry after having your meal, enjoy a nice smoothie to satiate the hunger and continue to drink your room temperature water.

Cultivating discipline in the body is essential for radiant health. Most times the body becomes unhealthy because it cannot process and digest all the food it is given. So consider lightening the load a bit for the next week.

You will feel amazing and great. Your body will feel much more lighter and radiant. And of course, you will grow a new appreciation for this wonderful, energy-filled food from the Earth.

Make your deep commitment today: for yourself and for your own growth! And it will always be a project: CLEAN FOOD week!

...are you eating CLEAN FOOD...
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