Thursday, September 8, 2011


While going through diet changes of the sort, don't ever think that you are alone. Turn to your family or friends for good, strong advice about how to make the shift that you feel you want. If you are feeling a bit confused, uneasy or a bit overwhelmed about these sort of things, family or friends can act as a beautiful sounding board for which you can bounce your thoughts and ideas.

At times, you may be considering such changes not just for you, but also for your entire family or group of friends. When we do things together, it can help make the effort stronger. So it is important that you share your new found philosophies and viewpoints with a receptive and open mind and heart. You may be surprised: your family and friends may be more than willing to join in on your effort to take some new steps towards change.

When shifting the priorities, it is important to have a good stable foundation (with yourself and within your immediate environment). A group of individuals that can listen with a kind and gentle heart can inspire us more to move in the direction that we feel is conducive to our growth.

So make the shift in your diet that you wish to make. Be as doubt free as possible. And if it helps, get your family or friends involved in your decisions. The more strong and grounded you are in your decision, the easier your transition will be into more of a CLEAN FOOD lifestyle.

Eating CLEAN FOOD is important. But eating CLEAN FOOD while doubt free is even more powerful.

Remember, you are not alone.

CLEAN decision, CLEAN lifestyle, CLEAN mind, CLEAN foundation...

CLEAN food...
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