Thursday, July 14, 2011


While your fruit is in travels to your local markets and stores, it is very likely for them to pick up impurities from the various environments in which it is placed. Also, many of these impurities come from the pesticides that are used on the fruits to keep them "healthy" while in transit. And unfortunately, washing the fruits does not always get all of the chemicals and toxins off of them. So, a nice quick fix? Expose your fruits to some sunlight for about 5 minutes or so before consumption.

By just exposing your fruits to the UV light being emitted from the sun, the fruits experience a sense of rebirth and rejuvenation throughout its entire "physical system" (similar to a human body). The sunlight not only takes the chill off of the fruit but also inspires some of the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nutrients to come alive.

Many of those nutrients that the fruits acquire come directly from the sun (and also the air, plants and insects of the sort). The sun is a healer of many things: for both the fruit and the human, alike.

So consider exposing your fruits to the sun for just a couple minutes before consumption. They don't have to be outside. They can just be near a window that takes in a lot of light as well. But if you want, there is no harm at all in exposing them to the beautiful essence of the external environment: especially since it is warmer outside in most places right now.

Sun-filled fruits are good clean food. So fill your fruits with that beauty once again.

Connect deeply to all of the healing properties of the Earth in this way.

...are you eating Clean Food...
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