Monday, July 11, 2011


project: CLEAN FOOD is an advocate for consuming as much locally grown foods as possible. There are many reasons why one would do this. But the main reason we are in favor of this is that it allows your body to connect deeply with the soil, air and vegetation upon the land in which you live.

In major cities across the board, it can be a bit difficult to secure fruits and vegetables that are locally grown on a daily basis. This is why it is important to establish relationships with community farmers and farmers markets within your area. With so much produce coming from everywhere in the world, it makes our bodies more susceptible to impurities of the sort.

With locally grown foods, your body can not only connect deeply with the land, but also, you become more adapted to the weather conditions. When most people are either too hot or too cold, you will always be balanced in your system. Also, by eating produce of the land that is in season (and not necessarily grown in a lab of the sort to meet a demand), it strengthens the immune system over the course of time.

Anything that is grown within about 50 to 150 miles from you could be considered "local produce." Some would be inclined to include up to 300 miles from where you live. The discretion is all yours.

So make frequent visits to farmers markets or community farms. Make an attempt to eat less produce coming from outside of your community (or country). And begin to connect deeply with your entire land.

Many peoples, cultures and tribes of the sort have done this for centuries; and many continue to do it without fail.

Fall in line. Fall in Love. And become one with your dear Mother Earth again.
Local Food is good, clean food. Seasonal food is good, clean food.

And our warm embrace of good, clean food is definitely project: CLEAN FOOD approved...
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