Monday, July 4, 2011


A quick note on pots and pans...

All the pots you use for yourself and for your family you should be clean, stainless and free of deeply rooted burns and scorches, as well as wear and tear.

When pots and pans become tattered over time, it can cause your food to absorb some of the metallic materials of the pot into the food: at a subtle level. If the pots have deeply rooted burns or scorches, there could be some rotting or rusting in the pots that could also seep into the food.

Many of us have seen the elders of the family using such pots for years: and they had no intention of changing those pots. We have even used such pots for quite some time as well. However, poor quality pots and pans usually mean poor quality foods. Your food is filled with nutrients, minerals and vitamins of the sort. And of course, we all want that food to maintain its level of nutrition and not risk losing any of it due to poor quality cookware. Contamination of foods can happen rather easily; the foods you consume are senitive and it should be treated as such. So be mindful.

If you and your family are using some pots and pans that could be deemed a bit old and outdated, consider removing them from your "kitchen artillery" and throw them away; update your cookware. A good set of cookware will last a very long time. So make a hearty investment: for the sake of your health and that of your family.

As we become more aware, let us release the old and bring in the new; together we shall cook clean food from this day forward.

Clean Cookware: Clean Food
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