Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Before tea was bagged and sold, tea leaves were collected from the garden or farm, dried and then soaked for some time before being consumed. In this day and age, many people turn to buying the same loose teas from their local herbalist or herbal apothecary. And when it is not bought loose, people buy them in their most commonly known form today: bagged and boxed at a convenient store or market.

But the question remains, if we are attempting to eat and consume foods and beverages in their most natural and pure state, what is the best way to drink tea? Let's check out some of the pros and cons of both.

Loose Tea

--There is less processing and handling
--The shelf life is shorter thereby ensuring fresher brewing
--It can be bought Organic
--An individual can connect deeply with the essence and aromas from preparing to brewing to consumption

--Easily susceptible to contamination (herbs are sensitive)
--Can dry up quickly and lose its freshness in a short time
--Preparation could take longer depending on the tea
--Sometimes more expensive

Bagged Teas

--Widely available in many varieties
--Shelf life is long
--Easier to find than loose teas
--Takes less time to prepare
--Not easily contaminated after leaving manufacturer
--Cheaper in Price

--Not usually available Organic
--Teas are not usually freshly packaged
--Teas are roughly handled during processing
--Can be exposed to many forms of chemicals while being overly manufactured
--Not as potent as a loose tea

This looks to be a tough decision here. We here at project: CLEAN FOOD drink both forms. However, whenever we can get teas in the loose form, we go for it. We like to consume foods and beverages that are collected directly from the Earth: the less processing, the better.

We are not totally against bagged teas, yet we prefer a wonderful, aroma-filled loose tea that has been soaked in pure, spring water. These sorts are usually more beneficial and have not lost much of its potency.

Go and try both. Go online and find out where you can buy some loose teas in a local market or in bulk. Here are some highly recommended resources we know of here in NYC:
(Manhattan, NY)
(Brooklyn, NY)
(Manhattan, NY)

Are you drinking fresh, Clean Tea...
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