Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Some of us are very fortunate to have enough garden space to create some little rows of fruits and vegetables to sow and reap for the family. Even more fortunate is the one that has a farm for the family. For a majority of everyone else, its off to the local market or health food store. While this is an ideal situation for many people, there is something very magical about starting your own garden or creating your own farm from which you and your family will eat.

That said, even if you don't have enough space where you live to start a whole garden, consider planting some small home grown herbs, fruits or vegetables. The more sunlight a room or window can receive, the more likely you are to have some good crop to eat from. One little plant pot: thats all. Its a great way to start. Eventually, you will be filled with excitement to plant more and more; thereby creating space in your world to become a little, mini-farmer admist the overwhelming demands of the world.

Not only will you start to have your very own little organic garden, but it is also a great way to reconnect to this lovely planet Earth. We are so quick to run to the store to buy a bag of fresh organic spinach or a pack of rosemary seasoning for our meals. But imagine this: walking over to your garden, speaking to your beautiful plants and letting them tell you which part of its leaves are ever so perfect for the meal you are preparing for your friends or family. Just imagine...

I'm no farmer: neither do I have a major garden at home. There is a value though in being able to watch nature come to life in your very own living quarters. Not only will the air quality and state of being in your home improve, but you will also become the co-creator of your very own organic garden, if you so choose, by the grace of our Mother Earth. Now how amazing is that?

Home gardens are amazing and easy to maintain. Do research on the internet and check out your local hardware store or florist for some seeds and other goodies.

If anyone has any good info or gardening tips, please post in the comments below. It will be much appreciated!

Now, that's Clean Food...
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