Wednesday, June 15, 2011


In this day and age, a lot of people are using these "superfood" and "nutrient-rich" meal powders: and it is very easy to see why. One tablespoon of the powder in water or some other beverage, consumed twice a day, can potentially give the body everything it needs and could ever want for a day's worth of nutrients. Right? Or are people consuming them because they are quick, easy and one less thing to think about? Well, whatever the reason may be, one should just abandon the powders and eat the food.

The powders are making a strong and stalwart attempt at recreating a
"superfood" with all the nutritious benefit. These powders are claiming to have a mixture of various fruits, vegetables, roots, herbs, healthy fungus', powerful sea algaes and a slew of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in one tablespoon. As an average consumer, one would see this and be marvelled; the fact that one does not have to go out of their way to consume all these various things in order to maintain or bring the body to a state of health can be deemed a sort of a wonderment.

Here is the problem: an individual usually does not consider if the ingredients in a particular powder are suitable for that person's body. Someone can potentially react negatively to a powder and not necessarily know it (ex.constipation). But more importantly, nature is ruled by laws. There is an order to everything that comes from this Earth. How does one know whether this "superfood" still actually holds all of the potency after the form and structures are changed physcially, subtley and chemcially? And is there an adverse effect by consuming these powders with a possibly altered (and mutated) structure? We don't really know do we? Also, many of these powders have various names, words and terms that many consumers are not familiar with and most people never take the time to check them out. So, check them out! What are fatty alcohols? What are non-dairy probiotic cultures? And how can enzymes of the Earth's food be reduced to a powder form at the hands of a human in a lab? Why are these things even in the powder? Is this a sort of 'food engineering'? Ask questions. Get answers.

Be a better than average consumer. Don't just buy the powder because someone you know told you about it. We are in the age where people have the internet attached to their hips: google the information before purchasing. And if you are still curious, consume the powder, but notice the effects on the body as a whole: not just an intial feeling or reaction (possibly associated with the mind). At the end of the day, the Earth has all the superfoods the body could ever need or require. Take the time and make your own smoothies, juices and meals, and without the powders. These things are made in labs without 100% consideration of every blood and body type here on planet Earth. It might not be designed for your body.

So, eat the food. Whether you juice it, 'smoothie it', cook it, steam it or eat it raw, let your stomach and the rest of your body be the "chemistry lab" where beautiful creations are made and had.

Get rid of the powders. Mother nature has provided abundantly for you and your family.

Eat Clean Food...
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