Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Plastics are not good for your food. Plastic is made with a slew of chemicals including and not limited to petroleum. Get rid of the plastic. Avoid using it for food storage and avoid using it for eating.

We have a natural tendency to eat food with plastic utensils. It is much better to eat with your hands or pack your own steel utensils or buy wooden ones (which are readily available). Plastic usage can lead to a number of diseases and ailments.

If you are one to store your food in a plastic container of sorts, consider making the switch to using glass or steel storage containers: both of which are more natural.

When buying food contained in plastic, remove it from the plastic as soon as you can and store it in a glass or steel container. Do the same with beverages. In particular, avoid buying water contained in plastic containers. There are a few companies out there now that are bottling water in glass containers. Water is the most pure and abundant liquid on planet Earth. That said, it is very sensitive. In a short time, it absorbs the chemical makeup of the plastic it is stored in.

Plastic is affordable for many companies. Don't let that afforability on their part put your health at a potential risk.

Clean Eating is not supposed to be complicated; but because we live in a complicated society, it is a project.

Together as a people, we shall move in a conscious direction to purify our lives again...
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