Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Food that is frozen immediately loses most of it nutritional value.
Upon changing the temperature of food, its chemical and anatomical makeup is greatly altered. It can never return to its natural and pure state.

When the food is frozen, it is vulnerable to many sorts of viruses, toxins and poisons during freezing and thawing. Fruits and vegetables, in particular, freeze due to its abundant makeup of water. All the nutrients, vitamins and minerals of fruits and vegetables live in their water content (its like their blood). Upon freezing, those nutrients, vitamins and minerals are experiencing a type of "death." The thawing leaves the fruits and vegetables with very little of anything because the water melting is holding its nutritional power.

Any sort of partially cooked meal that is frozen should never be eaten: regardless of whether or not it is organic, vegan, vegetarian, "just breakfast food", or anything else. That frozen food is stored in a plastic after being partially cooked. It is not possible for the consumer to know the time between putting it in the plastic, freezing and delivery to your local market. Then factor in the time where you buy it and then eat it. It could easily be 3-5 months before an actual frozen meal is eaten (considering the time of cooking, packaging, freezing, and then your consumption). Also, if it is something that is warmed in the oven, all of the frozen water and "things" frozen in the product melt back into the product: all for your consumption. Think about this deeply when you travel internationally and eat food on the plane...

So what to do? Eat freshly prepared food. Simple. Easy. Take the time and energy to prepare your fruits, vegetables or cooked meals. If traveling, pack a meal that suits your appetite. Also, airports are now making an effort to have more freshly prepared foods in the cafes and restaurants before you take-off.

Clean up your food intake. The body is cleaner than the external environment. Make it your life-long project to keep it that way.

Clean Food:Clean Body...
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