Saturday, November 28, 2015


By Dominick H.

Let's think about your typical day. Quite possibly you've worked all day – running around from appointment to appointment. In between work and home, maybe you've stopped at the gym or your favorite workout class (hopefully). And on the way to working out, all you had to nibble on was a smoothie, a juice, or a granola bar because the last meal you ate was around 1-ish in the afternoon since you were so busy. By the time you get out of the gym or class, it's after 8pm or maybe even 9pm. And now you're trying to figure out what to eat so you don't get a stomachache. And naturally you default to something easy: a takeout salad, another smoothie or juice, a pizza, a burrito, some leftovers at home, or some other miscellaneous junk to quench your hunger. Sounds like you? I know it sounds like me and many of my friends at times.

But maybe that's not you. Maybe you actually do eat at decent times and always try to make time for your meals (and healthy ones) in an orderly fashion; but you still find that after 9 or 10 pm you have that urge to dig into the fridge or to step out on the town for some late-night rummaging on the fast food scene. Or if you're like me, you stalk Yelp to seek out the closest place selling warm chocolate chip cookies or ice cream. 

What is wrong with us? Why do we have these cravings? These urges? Are they natural? Or is our body trying to tell us something?

Everyone experiences these cravings at some point or another. But we have to control those desires. Otherwise, we could be setting ourselves up for a series of nutritional deficiencies and digestive disorders that will not only depress our energy levels and keep us up late at night, but could also possibly ruin our day the next day (you know what I'm talking about). That said, here are four simple ways to help curb that late night appetite and miscellaneous nibbling. It's not easy, but your body will thank you.

1. Eat More Meals In the Day
When I know the day is going to be chaotic and busy, I naturally default to more meals in the day. Athletes and body builders tend to eat more meals that most people because of their high rate of metabolism that speeds up their ability to digest foods and convert that food into energy so that they can keep working out. We may not all be athletes and body builders, but we can take a few pages out of their book. By eating more meals in the day, it keeps the body properly nourished and adequately energized. When the body is feeling nourished and energized, the chances of cravings later at night will minimize. So if you normally eat 2 meals a day, try 4. If you normally eat 3 meals a day, try 5 or 6. Will these meals be big meals? Absolutely not!  Think smaller portions which are more nutritious for your body that will eventually stabilize your cravings and your hunger. And quite honestly, it's the diet we believe in

2. Try a Little Fast

Wait, did I just say the "F" word? Yup. A little fast for your body can be really good to give your digestive system a rest for the evening and into the morning. And what would that look like? Well, after your lunch (whenever it is), finish the rest of your day with liquids: freshly blended juices, smoothies, tea, or more importantly, water. When we bring pure and vital liquids into the diet, it not only helps to purify and cleanse the system, but it also allows the body to harvest more energy for the days and weeks to come. Now don't get me wrong, for some of us to blow by dinner could be painful: especially for the foodies out there. But, the whole point of living a healthier lifestyle is that you want to feel good every day, all day: well, realistically, most of the time. When your body takes a break from food for the evening, you give your body the opportunity to experience that power of rejuvenation. I'm not talking fasting every night, but maybe once or twice a week at a max. Besides, when you let your system rest for the evening, it will reset your eating habits for the day, thereby helping you to make more correct and balanced food choices the next day. How about that!

3. Plan For An Early Dinner
Seems simple enough, right? Although  it will be challenging at most times, try to plan to complete your dinner before 8pm. The more senior members of my family still traditionally have dinner ready by about 4pm and 5pm: leaving the rest of the evening for a light supper or snack if you desire. It seems obscenely early, but eating earlier not only satisfies that mental and emotional craving of "eating a last meal", it also gives our body the ability to properly digest food for a few hours before going to bed. Also, eating earlier allows us to think about other things besides food. Many of go about in the world merely passing time until the next meal. I love food, don't get me wrong, but we don't have to always inundate ourselves with a million ways to eat every single day: especially not late at night. 

4. Early to Bed, Early to Rise

6 am to 10 pm. Make that your mantra. A nice early start to the day will always get the body's energy patterns moving in a strong, vibrant way. You can get up early and use this time to work out, be creative, meditate, or simply get to work early. And any time we get up earlier in the morning, it naturally changes our eating patterns: and in turn we have a natural craving to eat at different times. So, remember that time you had to get up super early for work or for the gym and you were ready to eat lunch around 11am? That's totally a normal feeling. Should you feel inclined to eat lunch earlier than normal, go for it. Because 9 times out of 10, you'll also feel inclined to have dinner earlier. Get where I'm going with this? If you make a small shift in your day, your meals will follow. And if you're honoring that genuine feeling of authentic hunger, you'll always eat when you're hungry: especially when it comes to dinner. Eat earlier, and wrap it up earlier: and just go to bed. Because sometimes, honestly speaking, we stay up too late binge watching TV or movies, on the internet, or out and about. And being up late not only keeps us burning more energy, but it also makes the body feel hungry again and again. So rise early, and shut it down early. And, if you need help sleeping? Well, we got you covered.
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