Tuesday, September 29, 2015


By Dominick H.

It's #NationalCoffeeDay, which has us thinking about this national obsession of ours. Coffee in its purest form is a bean said to have Ethiopian origins dating back to the days of the ancient civilization in Africa. The stories are often told of farmers witnessing their goats eating the beans and becoming excited from the affects of the coffee bean (hence the the transition to human consumption) Some of us are proud of our "cup'a joe".  Some of us feel overly bad for craving it: let alone drinking it. Some of us have way too much of it. But everyone could use a little bit of it.  

Coffee has been on the table of households for so many years. In the last 400 years, the world witnessed the expansion of what we now call a coffee shop. The coffee shop has its origins in Istanbul. I'm sure even those brilliant geniuses of math, science, architecture, and philosophy even in those days needed a break from the world to feed their cravings for coffee. And oftentimes, a little hit of that divine substance in the veins did the trick. Coffee drinking became such a popular phenomenon that many people relied heavily on it for energy sustenance. Coffee has an addictive quality: just like anything else that provides a feeling of reward. In this case, coffee is the provider of energy and power for the one that surrenders to its existence. However in a fast-moving society where energy levels are frequently compromised and diminished, coffee is that essential stimulant that keeps the world spinning around.

So why drink it? Well, coffee has a slew of health benefits ranging from strengthening the liver to improving appetite. In other words, it's actually pretty good for you:

The Benefits of Coffee
  • It can prevent disease (most notably Parkinson's and liver disease)
  • It's loaded with antioxidants
  • It's energy-boosting (duh) and stimulates brain power
  • It increases metabolism
  • It lifts mood, helping fight depression
  • In some people, coffee has tea-like benefits, in that it calm someone down and relax them completely

Coffee maintains these wonderful health benefits when taken in its most natural and pure state: black. Nothing wrong with adding milk, foam, sweeteners, thick uber-licious syrups and all that good stuff. It just waters down the benefits a bit. Do you like it hot or cold? Small, Medium, or Large? Dark or light? Or maybe brown? Thick or skinny, or medium bodied? Local or international? Bold and intense? Or maybe sweet and chocolatey? Whatever you prefer, coffee can be crafted and taken in so many forms. Such a little turn-on, that coffee. Lucky us.

If we are able to maintain a healthy relationship with coffee, it can be truly enlightening and life-enhancing. Although there is an element of addiction, we don't have to be addicted to it, but simply enjoy it while reaping the benefits. 

As for me, I definitely need coffee. Not a lot of it, or every day for that matter. But just enough.  I'll be the first to admit it, I need a good fix every now and again. 

Who's with me?
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