Friday, March 22, 2013


Many of us have had the experience of getting a little, "ring-around-the-rosie": at least I know I have. I once had the infamous skinny man's pot belly. During those days, I would eat tons of eggs, waffles, meat, dairy, butter, cheese, alcohol and a slew of other things that slowed me down and easily helped me to put on some unhealthy pounds: yep, I was a bit "puffy". Now, don't get me wrong, I still enjoy these things from time to time. However, my diet now is predominantly one that revolves around lots of fruits, veggies, herbal teas, water, pure dark chocolate, and a bit of starch to keep my athletic energy up!

So, here is a list of four things that we can easily reduce in our diet in order to help us cut back on the "poundage" and build up our energy.


Animal Products
We all love our butter, cheese, dairy and meats. However, don't eat too much of that stuff. Because if you do, it slows you down, makes you lazy and drains all of your good energy. Not to mention, it can complicate our ability to have good digestion. So, keep this area in check.

Death by Bread
Every now and again, I enjoy a good bagel. And last week, I had the best pancakes ever! However, the last time I had pancakes prior to that day was about a little over a year ago. That said, breads and starchy products can also wear you down and wear you out. So unless you are working out every day and doing lots of cardiovascular exercise to burn those fats, keep your bread and starch intake at a low.


It's nice to enjoy a glass of wine, or some fresh barley and hops (aka beer), or even a nice stiff drink every now and again. Some of the senior members of my family still enjoy a nightcap from time to time. However, too much alcohol intake will not only wear you down, it will also take a long term negative affect on your liver, your kidneys and your pancreas. And when these areas of the body stop functioning correctly, your body packs on the weight easily. So keep your brain sharp and your body healthy by reducing the intake.

Mmmmmm, Sugar
Ok, let's be honest: most people that know a little bit about me know that I have a sweet tooth that needs to be quelled. However, I am not ruled by that sweet tooth. I am not bound or controlled by those cravings. Yet, I do enjoy it when I do have it. And you should too. But again, too much of the sweet stuff in your diet can cause you to have run-ins with a slew of ailments and diseases. Keep the sugar intake in check. If you must have sugar, switch out some of your sweet baked goods for sweet fruits: like raspberries, or turkish figs, or even grapes. 

Want healthier sweets? check out this bakery's awesome cookbook!

...make it a project: Clean Food week...
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