Tuesday, February 26, 2013


We all go through phases of life where we are extremely busy with work / life commitments. The demands of the world have the potential to not only overwhelm us, but this wonderful world could also frustrate us, immensely. And unfortunately, we may even get so frustrated that we forget to make time to take care of our own well being, both mentally and physically. So, it is imperative that we commit to doing at least one healthy deed a day: just one!

If we can schedule at least one healthy deed a day that helps to keep us focused on our mental and physical well being, our lives could potentially be much more manageable, and enriching. It may not seem like a lot. And, quite frankly, it may even seem like a waste of time. However, the truth is, one good deed is better than no good deed. If we can make it a priority to adhere to our health at one point during the day, it will be a pleasant reminder that we really and truly respect our minds and our bodies. 

You may not always have time to meditate, or go to a yoga class, or fit a good workout into your day. But anyone can make a bit of time for a nice fresh juice, or a freshly blended smoothie, or some sort of healthy meal. When I was working in Corporate America, I would sometimes go to the bathroom and meditate there for five minutes. Five minutes for meditation doesn't seem like a lot of time: and in actuality, it really isn't. But meditation was so important to me during those times (because of my high levels of stress), I would fit it into my schedule anyway possible. I was really dedicated to making that happen during some point in my day.

We all have to eat and drink something at some point during the day. So when you do sit down to have a nice meal, make a strong attempt to choose better, healthier things to eat and drink; make choices that allow your body to feel good, and keep your system totally energized. And, of course, if you can sneak into the gym or a yoga class, or simply take a delightful walk during your lunch break, go for it! 

There is nothing wrong with taking small steps towards a healthier lifestyle. Not everyone is going to have the time and energy to fully embrace this life when the demands of the world are nagging you. But it is perfectly okay to start from scratch and learn how to cultivate that pure, clean foodie life: one day at a time, one good deed at a time.

Choose today to be better than yesterday. Choose today, that one healthy deed to keep you strong, healthy, and radiant.  It may be hard, and challenging, but you must choose: for your mind, for your body.

And most importantly, for your future...

...make it a project: Clean Food week...

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