Tuesday, May 22, 2012


One of the best ways to strengthen, purify and revitalize all of the organs and their respective systems within the body is to take to a diet of only fruits for a set period of time. Our organs do so much work. They aid in digestion and purification at many levels and on a continual basis; and this occurs without any sort of special diet or regimen. However, when we choose to eat a selection of foods that allow for the organs to work more effectively and strongly, our body and mind will reap all of the benefits. And a fruit-based diet allows for the body to have that strong experience of detoxification and purification immediately.

Fruits are predominantly 80% water based. And within that water, there is a nectar of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins and amino acids that potentially aid all of the bodies various functions. When you eat a mixture of foods that are not necessarily fruit-based, the body has to continuously work hard to find those nutrients within the diet: as the body may not get what is essential in every single meal. So when we consume a diet of fruits, the body has one less job to think about. All of those essential nutrients go right into the blood and to all the respective systems so that the body may begin to initiate a multitude of detoxifying and purifying actions.

When you take to a diet of fruits, it need only be done for about a minimum of ten days. At a maximum, you can take a diet based in fruits for about thirty days. A diet based in fruit basically means that you will be eating a mixture of fruits at each and every meal sitting: breakfast, lunch and dinner. You may eat as many times a day as you see fit. Some people will feel as if they need to eat more. Some will feel as if they will need to eat less. You find that correct balance of eating that best suits you. Maybe one day you will eat five times a day in order to satisfy your cravings. But maybe as you assimilate into the diet, you may only need to eat once or twice a day.

The body does not need much food to survive and maintain radiant health. Also, when the body is always consuming a diet that is significantly higher nutritional content, it will no longer require a high level of vitamin supplement intake (be it in pill or powder form). A fruit-based diet instantly empowers your entire system and heals most ailments and sicknesses of the sort. For body builders, it is a great way to drop some weight and tone up. For runners, swimmers, adventure seekers, martial arts practitioners or aerobic exercisers, you will find that your energy levels will always be high and vibrant! For those that practice yoga and meditation, you will find that your mind will instantly become more calm and tranquil. And for those with ill-fated diseases, this sort of diet has to potential to heal everything.

Consider mixing in any sort of berries (raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries), kiwifruits, mangoes, watermelon, bananas, apples, oranges, turkish figs, dates, avocados, or any other mix of fruits. There is no right or wrong mix. You just have to follow your intuition and allow that to lead you to the best mix of fruits that are suitable for you. Expand a little bit more today. Challenge yourself. Set big goals. Then go for it. And you can start right here with this one. Purify your body and mind. Detoxify everything. Then, rejuvenate the entire system. You can dramatically improve all the functions of your body today! So consider trying a fruit diet for about ten to thirty days. Your body will thank you!

Discipline yourself, and have fun!

...are you eating CLEAN FOOD...

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