Tuesday, May 1, 2012


As we start to become more and more strong in our diet regimens, we tend to feel as if the only foods that will enable us to maintain that strength and vibrance are the ones that are found in our immediate environments: and this is usually true. But every now and again, we will have to travel and eat on the go. Every now and again, we will be invited into a restaurant that may not have many (if any) food options for us to eat. And as a result, we could potentially feel uncomfortable and outside of our normal habitat. But worry not! The Clean Foodie is never uncomfortable; you are always in your element, as the world is your playground. And the best way to maintain that mental and physical strength of your diet when moving through this beautiful world is by using your intuition to make smart choices when outside of your comfort zone: which means you're always expanding!

If you travel to another country, where the fruits and vegetables you would normally eat are not in abundance, be willing to eat more of what is available and fresh. Most foreign countries tend to sell only fruits and vegetables that are harvested right on their land. So if you go to a country, and you find an abundance of mangos, bananas and dates, then thats what you will be eating: or at least some variation of the three that best suits you. If someone invites you to a steak house or seafood restaurant, and the only options for you are what's on the "side orders" part of the menu, then that's what you're working with. None of these things may be what you are used to, but the Clean Foodie is never uncomfortable. The Clean Foodie is always in the comfort zone. The world is your comfort zone!

So no matter where you are, or where you eat, make due with what's available. Besides, it is a great opportunity to learn about yourself: what you're willing to try and what you're not. You'll also learn if your emotions get the best of you because you don't get what you want, or may learn that trying new things in new ways make you feel even stronger and more powerful than ever. At the end of the day, it's all about your mind. You have to eat in a way that allows your mind to feel at ease and in a state of peace. Use these opportunities to not only expand outside of your comfort zones, but also to increase your levels of patience, warm-heartedness, and compassion: for yourself and all individuals.

Together, we grow. Together, we learn.

Together, we become stronger Clean Foodies!

Go out into the world! Have fun!

...make it a CLEAN FOOD week...
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