Friday, April 20, 2012


We sometimes have a tendency to make ourselves believe that eating healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, nuts, oats and many other organic and natural products are significantly more costly than other foods. While it is true that the amount of healthy, natural and organic foods that are bought is less in quantity in comparison to the price tag, keep in mind that you are also investing in your health: and not just appeasing your palate.

When you spend a bit more money on--for example--a small pack of raspberries, you are also buying produce that is significantly higher in vitamins, nutrients and minerals in each and every morsel. And this holds especially true for any fruits, vegetables or other healthier products that you may consume. By spending a bit more money to get the healthiest and purest of foods, it is very likely that you will be much healthier and radiant in each and every day of your life. And when the body and mind is a bit healthier, that could only mean that there will be less trips to the doctors office.

And of course if you are eating healthier, you entire life as a whole becomes healthier. Your personal and business relationships improve. You will develop a stronger connection to your religion. Your sense of mental clarity will enhance. You will depend less and less on over-the-counter medicines, prescriptions and even vitamin supplements. Your food cravings will reduce. You will be able to better manage your weight. And the best part of all, you will be a wonderful inspiration to others everywhere.

So, in a nutshell, eating healthier foods is an investment: in your health and in your life on all levels. Are you worth those pricey avocados? Are you worth those healthy organic greens? Are you worth everything this world has to offer? Of course you are! You are worth any and everything you set out to attain. And today, let us start by investing in the health of our body and mind. Let us not set a price tag on our health. Your body and mind is priceless.

Make smart decisions when buying healthier foods, and be frugal if you need to. But allow yourself to grow in the best way possible!

Now go ahead... good, healthy, CLEAN FOOD...

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