Tuesday, November 29, 2011


As we have officially shifted into the fall season and are now settling in, our produce availability is also shifting. In particular within the Northeast, we are noticing an abundance of apples and pears: local organic produce at its best! This is so very amazing for this time of the year. These two staple fruits are not only super nutritious, but that are also great for all sorts of recipes across the board.

There are so many varieties of apples and pears: so depending on your taste buds, you can find almost anything to suit you. Now of course, you can use some local apples and pears mixed together to make a great fruit salad (and incorporating other fruits if you like). You can also blend them up in your juicer to make amazingly tasty juices that are easily storable in glass mason jars: or making smoothies in your blender! This is great for the whole family, or if you are having some friends over for brunch on the weekends!

Now if you are feeling a bit creative (which I know you are), you can easily make all sorts of meals ranging from curried apple soups, to yummy baked apples and pears, to super healthy salad mixes, some great muffin varieties for breakfast, or just tossing them right into your freshly baked oatmeal: so much fun! Now in the dessert corner (our absolute fave), there are various apple-pear cobblers, cupcakes and coffee cakes, pies, applesauces, gluten-free apple-pear crisps and, of course the list goes on. On the nutrition side, you will get a mix of vitamin C, fiber, copper, vitamin K and a ton of enzymes from these two magnificent fruits: in particular digestive enzymes, which are great for strengthening the entire digestive processes of the body.

Local organic produce is the best! And sometimes, it great to eat just what's available instead of buying all these various fruits that are coming from all over the world. When you buy local organic produce, not only are you supporting all the local farmers and purveyors of such produce, but you also allow your body to tune to the vibrations of the soil and the Earth. As a result, your body becomes stronger and your immune system becomes more resistant to various parasites and bugs. So, in a nutshell, eating local produce is kind of like your very own, natural allergy and sickness prevention medicine! Very cool, ya?

So take to the farmer's market this week! If you are in NYC, union square (manhattan) has the farmer's market every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. If you are outside of NYC, check out this great little link to find out about more great farmer's markets in your area: Farmer's Markets in USA

Have fun with these amazing treats from the Earth. The mother has provided for us. Let us embrace what has been given: for our minds, for our bodies, for our strength and, most importantly, for our future and the empowerment of mankind as a whole. Together we shall rise!

Happy Apple and Pear Picking!

...are you eating CLEAN FOOD...

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