Saturday, October 22, 2011


Oatmeal is such a amazingly tasty, delicious and healthy meal to consume as we move into the cooler temperatures. Oatmeal not only warms the body, but it also can act as a full meal when you don't want to eat too much food: as it can be very filling.

When you add a bit of 100% Pure Maple Syrup, some nice fresh organic fruits and then top it off with a bit of cinnamon, the nutrious benefits for the body are extremely high!

Oatmeal is filled with fiber, magnesium, protein, B-vitamins and selenium. It also has a slew of antioxidants. Oatmeal--because of its high amount of fiber and selenium--is great for digestion! By adding maple syrup and cinnamon to the oatmeal, the body then takes in a healthy amount of zinc and calcium. The combination also allows for the body to produce a slew of digestive enzymes.

From the healing aspect, oatmeal relaxes and calms the entire nervous system. It is also very good for joint support: in particular, for varieties of rheumatism, calcium deposits and even arthritis. Oatmeal is also very good for when there is some sort of injury in and around the nerves. So any sort of "pinched nerved" will start to dissipate with regular consumption of a nice, healthy oatmeal! Amazing isn't it?

So have some yummy oatmeal today! Make it for your family or friends. Maybe make for you and your partner! Or just simply set 15 minutes aside and prepare it for that beautiful and amazing person called YOU!

Enjoy the warmth and sweetness of it all! Enjoy this beautiful and amazing CLEAN FOOD!

...are you eating CLEAN FOOD...
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