Friday, August 12, 2011


Raw Honey is probably by far one of the best and healthiest sweeteners anyone can have in their cupboards. It is easily digestible for many and is very good for all sorts of ailments. In particular, Local Raw Honey is really great. When you buy raw honey that is secured locally, it gives your body the opportunity to "fall into rhythm" with the pollens and some subtle allergens of your immediate environment. (For more on the benenfits of Raw Honey, click RAW HONEY BENEFITS)

Raw honey can be used in your smoothie, in your tea, in your oatmeal or yogurt, over some fruit, in baking or even just taken by the spoonful as a supplement!

So why raw honey you may ask? Well, when consumed in this state, it is at its most pure and nutritious. Most honey you see in the supermarkets is usually not raw. In most cases, it is heated and goes through a pasteurization process which pretty much eliminates most of the honey's potency as a superfood. Yucky! Most places sell the highly processed honey because it is easier to package and ship around: it is not as delicate as its raw form.

When buying your raw honey, buy the ones that are stored in glass jars. Now in some cases, raw honey is put in plastic containers for easier shipping and distribution. While putting raw honey in plastic containers is not ideal for storage, this honey in many cases is the freshest.

The beekeepers and purveyors of the honey work really hard to get the honey to the stores in a timely fashion; so they go out of their way to put a packaged date on the honey contained in the plastic. They want to make sure you know exactly what your getting. And if you go to a place where local raw honey is often sold, this raw honey is usually not in the package longer than a couple of days or so. So if you buy local raw honey sold in a plastic container, immediately transfer it to a glass jar (like a mason jar).

We here at project: CLEAN FOOD are strong advocates for the the most pure form of all foods: Raw Honey is no exception. Fall in line with nature again and her busy bees.

Because Raw Honey is project: CLEAN FOOD approved.

Are you eating clean food...
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