Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The most amazing, nutritious, beneficial and nurturing food here on planet Earth is the ever so powerful and uncanny, Sun. The ancients of yore have praised the Sun and all of her beauties for aeons upon aeons. Here on planet Earth, the Sun provides for all beings, organisms and vegetations of the sort. The Sun has allowed for all beings to exist in the manner that they do now; for without it, life as we know it would not be. It is said, that if the sun would disappear, all life would perish in a matter of days.

That said, let us embrace the Sun. It is not so much about praising the sun, but allow it to grace the skin of your body. Allow it to nourish you. Balance out your entire system with a bit of sunlight. It will do wonders. Even when it is colder outside, you can take a moment to embrace and revere the Sun.

All the plants, fruits and vegetation yield their nurtitious quality, and quantity, directly from the Sun and all of her power. It is very beautiful when you take a second to think about it all...

Take a moment and relish some sunlight. Sunbathing is not necessary (too much of anything is not really good for anyone). So just allow your whole being to be receptive to that beautiful grace of the sunlight, in a balanced way.

As beautiful and amazing as the Sun is, so too are you. Light attracts light: or like attracts like.

Sun food is the best food. So go ahead, consume with grace.

For us to say that the Sun is clean food approved is an understatement...

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