Saturday, June 18, 2011


This weekend on a humid New York City saturday afternoon, we found ourselves trekking through the mountains of people to reach the destination:

Deep Mountain Maple! (

In the midst of the Union Square Green Market perched up somewhat in the middle, we found the most friendly faces and smiles representing some of the sweetest and tastiest syrup of Vermont at Deep Mountain's kiosk.

Deep Mountain's syrup is amazing! Their people were very patient with our barrage of questions regarding quality, grade, color, taste and process. To say they are knowledgeable is quite an understatement; it is no wonder this bustling station is providing all the visitors and syrup fanatics alike with an amazing experience. Great all around!

And of course, the syrup is coming straight from our dear Mother Nature's garden up in Vermont. The trees are treated ethically, with love and care; and you can taste it in their unrefined and pesticide free, 100% Pure Maple Syrup!

While nibbling on their maple syrup candies, we purchased the Grade A Dark Amber; we overheard someone say that you can use it with everything from salads to fruit. And, of course,let's not forget on Pancakes and French Toast! We are very excited about that: YUM. We might just eat it right out of the mason jar it came in with a spoon!

Check out Deep Mountain Maple's kiosk next weekend at the Union Square Greenmarket!

Amazing People. Amazing Maple Syrup. Amazing Day.
Now, that's Clean Food...
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