Thursday, June 9, 2011


The days of a child are not usually far from one's memories. This body remembers a time when it would relish precious moments with chocolate drenched and sugar engrossed boxed cereals (with loads of milk). Also, there were many days with doughnuts, brownies or warm cookies and a 16oz glass of milk. Aye, those days as a growing boy and young man were greatly loved. And, for many, these types of experiences are still existing and vibrant: as they should, so long as there is enjoyment (not empty indulgence). Nevertheless, many would agree that the glass of milk was a staple: though sometimes in hot chocolate or coffee (and maybe even cheese, ice cream or yogurt) the fix was had.

For others, milk was a pain. There were bouts of digestive disorders, intolerance and allergies. Some still indulged in milk-based products amdist knowing of these things. Milk tends to have that affect on people. Dairy products are tantamount to many other products in this civilization: and understandably so. There are beautifully decorated aisles in the markets and stores for such products. Also, there are a gamut of advertisements and marketing campaigns on television and within other aspects of the media promoting the consumption of dairy products. And amdist all of this, people have their love and hate relationships with the nutritionally rich elixir of the cow's bosom.

The problem with cow's milk is not whether or not it is good for the human system: that is not what is being addressed here. The issue lay with the fact that one may not know where the cow's milk is coming from and how the milk is being obtained. There are many people that have their own farms, milk their own cows and even give away or sell their own milk. The cows are usually treated in a beautiful, loving and compassionate manner throughout the process. With the mass production of milk and other dairy products increasing by the moment, one has to sit back and think about the treatment of these animals throughout the process. Dairy products can be found all over the world: is every cow being treated in the beautiful, loving and compassionate manner?

It is unfortunate to think that we live in a time where distributors and purveyors of cow's milk have to say things in their campaigns like, "Obtained from Organic Grass-Fed Cows." Some of them are even saying that the cows are "happy." One would think this is the normal circumstance for all cows. But because it is not, companies (and farms) are using complicated terms and jargon to help sell their cow's milk over the vast ocean of milk out there: not to mention that you have to pay more money for cleaner and healthier milk. You would think that our dear Mother of the Earth would want us to consume her food in the most natural and unadulturated way.

There is a lot of misinformation and propaganda out there with regard to dairy products. Don't accept being misled. If you love milk, honor the consumption of it and the cow it comes from. Do research and ask questions:

--What does "Organic and Grass-Fed" mean?
--What does "Happy" mean as pertaining to cows and their milk?
--What else are cow's fed, besides grass?
--What allows milk to stay fresh for so long?
--Are there preservatives and chemicals in "Organic" and "Non-Organic" milk?
--Do poorly treated cows affect the energy, nutrition and vibration of the milk?
--What is the affect of cow's milk on the body regarding "Organic" vs. "Non-Organic"?

These are all questions one should know the answer to, prior to consumption.
The truth must be known without a doubt or queston.

At the end of the day, one should consider either watching a cow being milked or milking a cow themselves (with love and compassion) before drinking the milk. Because after getting the answers to some of the questions above, many would either do this or never drink cow's milk again. All food for thought...

If your concern rests with getting Vitamin D and Calcium, don't worry.
The cows get theirs from the sun, fresh grass and water. You can too...

Knowledge destroys ignorance. And Clean Food transcends all others...
Consume with understanding.

Eat and consume Clean Food...
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