Thursday, June 2, 2011


This has been a huge debate for quite some time now. The raw vegetarian food eaters say that cooked food is completely dead; it is said that cooked food lacks the vitamins, nutrients and minerals that can be had when the food is eaten in its raw and pure form.

People that eat cooked food, and have been doing so for generations throughout cultures, see nothing at all wrong with eating a cooked meal on a daily basis.They say that the cooked meal has an adequate amount of nutrients and vitamins to keep the body going. They also add, that many foods are not easily digestible when eaten in its raw, pure form.

Both valid opinions.

Before we go on, I'll provide a little definition for the terms 'cooked' and 'raw':

--COOKED FOOD: Food that has been heated on a stove or in an oven above 104(f) degrees. Some foods must be cooked to be edible and digestible. The power of the Earth is still very present in these foods; however it is greatly reduced.

--RAW VEGETARIAN FOOD: Food that has not had any heat applied to it. Most of these types of food are easily digestible when eaten in its pure and natural state; the power of the Earth is much more vibrant in these foods.

And so we continue...

I think what this whole debate sums up to is the ability to achieve and maintain radiant health of the physical and mental body. Of course, for those that are vegetarians or vegans, the issue is usually about raising their levels of compassion within themselves for the slaughtered and mistreated animals throughout the world. Otherwise, it is usually about quieting the mind [for a plethora of reasons] or attaining some level of radiant health while living in a "toxic world."

Cooking food has been around for about over 100,000 years. Eating food in its natural and pure state most probably predates this: all an asumption nonetheless. The point here is this: it is easy to see why we humans cling to certain eating regimens. They have been passed through traditions of the sort for many years. The question is, do we get the right nutrients and vitamins required for the body, more so, in one eating regimen over the other? It all depends on what you know to be true. Whatever you know and believe with your heart, then it is that which works truly for you. You have to know this without any sort of doubt.

Many people have been known to eat cooked food and live over 100 years of age: the same with eating raw vegetarian food. So now what? Where does this leave us?

Well, if you have in your mind that you need to eat food that contains more vitamins, nutrients and minerals, then you need to make changes in your eating habits immediately. Otherwise, you will become very ill physically and mentally, over time. If you believe that eating Organic food is 1,000 times better for you than eating food that is not, make sure you make the switch 100% of the way. If you believe that eating raw vegetarian food is 1,000 times better for you than cooked food, make sure your diet is one that is consistent with a raw vegetarian diet in every way.

You have to ask yourself the following questions:
-"What does eating healthy mean to me?"
-"What is a balanced diet to me?"
-"Does cooked food deplete me of nutrients?"
-"Does a raw vegetarian diet give me more vitamins, nutrients and minerals?"
-"Does my current diet make me feel good everyday and all day?"


-"What is a diet of Clean Food to me?"

All of the above questions must be answered without any anxiety, fear or doubt. The human body is very, very powerful. We are not completely aware of all of its intricacies. That said, people have been known to be unhealthy and healthy consuming both of these diets discussed here. The body has the ability to make anything into a treasure or a poison depending on how clean your mind and physical system is, as it stands. If there is an abundant amount of stress or repressed emotions in your being, pure water alone can lead to malfunctions of the major organs: due to the body's alchemical nature.

I say, eat the food that allows you to feel good. Eat the food that allows you to "not think about food." Eat the food that allows you to move, breathe and exist in a supreme way. Eat the food that you want to become a part of your own flesh and blood (you are what you eat, ya?). Justify your diet for no one else but yourself. The moment you feel that you have to justify, satisfy or appease someone or something outside of yourself with regard to your diet, you have to make changes. The doubt itself will make the flesh grow weary, let alone the food.

Do your own research. Form your own conclusions. Eat what you like until you feel that it is time to make a change. And if you make a change, make it from your own heart and being. Not for anyone or anything else.

Clean Food is that which nourishes your mind and body adequately. Clean food is food that is eaten in its most natural and pure state, to you of course.

Are you eating Clean Food?
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